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To all students who want to have a basic knowledge of the French language in a professional context. It corresponds to a higher elementary level of competence.

Course overview

The French Business course, to be delivered in the French Institute Bridge Mills Galway is designed to provide participants with ability to interact more confidently when visiting or dealing with French - speaking countries.

The official language of 29 countries, French is spoken by approximately 125 million people as a first language and 165 million as a second language. The French-speaking countries are spread across Europe, Africa, and the Americas as well as in and around the Pacific, with Europe and Africa offering the largest concentration of countries where French is recognized as an official language.

The key areas of focus are:

  • Spoken fluency
  • Listening skills
  • Telephone French
  • Email French
  • Sector–specific terminology

Students learn to communicate in a variety of business situations: telephone, e-mails, introducing a company, speaking in public, expressing agreement/disagreement during meetings, and written correspondence.

They learn to develop the vocabulary related to the business world: economical and banking environments of a firm, sales, marketing, finance, management, human resource.

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