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The French Institute Galway

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Some of the comments from past students

“Before I came here I didn't have a great view on French. It wasn't my favourite subject.  But leaving here I can honestly say I loved it” David, 30May - 20June2010.

“I actually learnt French and understand why its so important to have more than one language – and I had so much fun”.

“My overall impression after 3 weeks is that the trip is a very well run programme which has been very beneficial to me in a lot of ways. The standard of teaching has been excellent and the friendliness, openness and kindness of all the people involved has been much appreciated .”
Claire, 30May - 20June 2010. 

“My family were great! I got on with both of the children and learned a lot of French from them. The food was wonderful.”

“It was the best thing that I ever did because it was brilliant fun and I learned a bit of French as well”

“It was brilliant! I had a really enjoyable time and learned a good bit of French”

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