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The French Institute Galway

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General Information

There are few better ways to broaden your horizons than to learn a language and French is the obvious choice....

Be it for travel - France is the most popular holiday destination in the world, for work - a language enhances your professional profile and French remains the second most influencial language in Europe, to refresh and build on what you have learned at school, simply because you like the cool, sophisticated sounds of the language... or whatever your reason, the French Institute offers an extensive range of courses to allow you to learn French in a convivial and enjoyable atmosphere.

About Our Courses

All our courses are designed to allow the student to progress and improve his/her knowledge of the French language at a level that suits him/her with emphasis on enabling students to feel comfortable using the language in practical situations. All courses focus on developing skills in each of the four key areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening in accordance with the Common European Framework of languages. Our classes are designed to be interesting, stimulating and enjoyable. We use up-to-date audio visual equipment and all our classrooms are equiped with broadband. Our students and teachers have access to the Institute's mediatheque where we have a extensive collection of French Films and documentaries on DVD (many with English subtitles) along with a choice of books for adults and children.

Online Classes

The intention of the French Institute is to have a mixture of classes, in the school premises, and online, in compliance with Government regulations. For online classes, dates and lengths of terms may change.

Click here for a complete list of our adult courses




September 13th -  January 23rd


January 24th -  May 15th*


May 16th - June 30th

*19/05/19 (Monday/ Thursday classes) 

Halloween break:    October 25th  - Ocotber 31st 

Christmas break:    December 20th – January 9th

Easter break:  April 18th - April 24th 


 Private classes can be organised. Contact us for more details.


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